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Bought a car from R&J Car Sales in Halifax?

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

(please excuse this page whilst I get it built. a friend of mine was and has continued to be badly treated by R&J Car Sales. after hearing the story, I've decided to build a site for people to share full accounts of their experiences to try and warn others. please do get in touch if you've had problems and let me know what happened. google reviews can be faked easily so you never know if the reason a company has twenty 1 star ratings but also ten 5 star ratings is because the company themselves have placed ten 5 star ratings themselves. Thanks for your patience and please get in touch with your stories so we can develop a full site warning people about this company!)

Whenever you think of used cars, you think of a stereotypical Harry Wormwood type person (from Roald Dahl's Matilda) laughing whenever they manage to trick a customer into buying a piece of junk. It's an image I'm sure the used car industry would like to shake off. But it's unlikely to change considering the new generation of business builders are being told over and over that saying 'it's just business' - is an acceptable excuse for what many would call outright theft. In my opnion, whether you're ripping someone off over a car, phishing their bank details, or just mugging them in broad daylight - it's the same mentality and level of ethics.

Of course, many people get annoyed if they realise they've paid more for something than they should have. And the word 'scam' is thrown around very easily these days. So is R&J Car Sales in Halifax a firm that simply charges too much, or are they outright scam artists?

Let's start with the reviews. Hopefully you will have read some before even thinking of travelling to this company's car lot in Halifax. Because it seems that, for many, even going there was a waste of time as the cars were apparently in much worse condition than the photos on the firm's website led them to believe.

The car my friend had gone to see was no exception to this. Here is a photo of the car which was on the R&J Car Sales own website the morning of the day they went to see it:

<!-- insert snapshot1b.jpg -->

And here are photos taken the same day on their garage forecourt of that very same side of the car and closeup of the wheel trims:

<!-- insert img00026032112.jpg --> <!-- insert img0002603214.jpg -->

From these it could be easy to assume that R&J Car Sales are actually photoshoping their photos to deliberately hide damage. However I don't think that's what's going on. I went on Autotrader's site and tried to <!-- edit error -->

As you can see from my friend's photo, there is a huge two foot long scrape down the passenger door panel. There was also a circular scuff about 10 inches across on the other. The wheel trims were bent and peeling. Rust was showing on the inside of door frames. The rear shelf, screenwash cap, and wheel key were all completely missing. etc. etc. etc.

At this point he'd spent a week trying to view used cars during a lockdown and travelled hundreds of miles just to see a bunch of cars that had been left sat decaying because of the outbreak. The car wasn't even for my friend. He is too ill to drive now, and was trying to purchase the car as a gesture for his e

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