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What Can You Do If a Used Car Garage Screws You Over?

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Pardon the language, but that is surely how most people feel when something like this happens to them. Even more so if we find out a company has taken advantage of a good friend or family member.

Here I'm going to try and list some help resources. If you know of any others please do get in touch so I can add them.

The indicent that spurred me into creating this blog was when R&J did what it seems they repeatedly do to other customers as well. My friend is very unwell and so those of us who know him are probably more outraged and willing to do things than he is.

Two other people who also know about this incident and who work in the Legal Industry started a thread on LinkedIn asking their law connections about what can be done:

There are some useful tips there including:

View the thread here

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